Oh man, I'm so excited about this sale and thought I would share it with you guys (thanks public personae for the heads up ). I'm supposed to spend saturday with the boyfriend but we are making a pitstop here whether he likes it or not. I recently learned about NY-based SANS through Queen Michelle at KOS, who does a good job of summing up the young label. The fact that their garments are eco friendly was totally an awesome surprise as you don't usually see such unique and provocative concepts mixed with sustainable design. I'm curious to see these cut-out pants in person, and hopefully some of those rad hole socks will be at the sale.

SANS' A/W 2009 collection deserves a mention while I'm on the subject. This range sees an evolution of the unexpected cut-out aesthetic, in the form of massive coats made with organic merino wool and faux fur fit for the arctic circle. These coats are seriously insane.

Is that the Yeti?


Anonymous said...

thats crazyyy insane!
part of me wants one and the other part of me would be sweatin my balls off if i got one cuz i'd be too scared i'd get shot with a tranquilizer lol

Susie Bubble said...

Hope you bought something.... really love the label....