Saskia Diez

I came upon Saskia Diez's jewelry through the folks at Azita store, who carry her Pavé collection of bracelets. I love this style that looks like men's watchbands.

I dug a little deeper and found that Saskia is based in Germany and actually just won the "Premium Fashion Award" for best new accessory collection for the FW 2009/10 season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. I enjoyed looking through the lookbooks on her site, which are beautifully art directed and really give you a sense of her design aesthetic. Much of Diez's jewelry is actually very simple and feminine, which I never would have guessed from just seeing the watch bracelets.

I LOVE the Boule series made from silver chains and spheres out of ivory, onyx, or sterling silver. You can get a closer look at everything in her webshop.

These pieces remind of the ball ponytail holders I wore as a kid...I called them "boogas" for some reason. This of course got me googling and I found that goody now makes some really rad iridescent black ones....there is a part of me that will never grow up.



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Lucy in the Sky said...

I've seen pictures of Saskia Diez products online before. HAve you seen their tear-proof "Papier" handbag?! Genius! The jewelery is really lovely as well.