Stomping Safari

It's barely been a month since Topshop opened up stateside and Susie has already got us anticipating their fall drops. I won't bother reposting her labor of love (tons of photos from press day, go look), but I had to point out these Ashish animal print wedges coming to the Top'. Want! I have to agree with Ms. Bubble in that I'm strangely attracted to the zebra ones.

Here they are in action at Ashish's Fall 09 show.

And I thought it was rather fitting...


Sarah A. said...

it should be illegal to show me things before i can actually buy them because then...i fixate...for months.

there goes my peace of mind!

Samantha Smikle said...

How much do I love the zebra sweater!!!

Vogue in the City said...

wow, i love it!!
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patti said...

oh, love the pants with the american flag.