Opposites attract

What drew me in about these two ladies, besides the stark b&w contrast in both their outfits, is the detailing in both of their tops. I like the waterfall of fringe on the girl to the left, and the lady on the right's shirt is self-made from various knotting, cutting and draping techniques.

via Hel Looks

While I'm on the topic of black + white and slashed tops, I've had this Zechia fringed tank from Opening Ceremony on my mind for awhile. I might try this on a long black tank dress I have from F21.


When it warms up outside, I feel like I get a little more brave with makeup. Today I rocked some bright orange MAC eyeliner in "O-J". I thought it looked pretty cool under my alien blue eyes.

I've been pulling out old issues of Nylon from 2001-2003 when they were doing something fresh and different and I was a bit obsessed with the mag. I actually think a lot of what they were doing back then was so ahead of the game that it's more relevant to today than what they are actually doing today in some of their editorials. This is a topic I am going to further explore when I get around to scanning some more from their golden era. For now, here's a beauty story from the August 2001 issue with Natalie Portman on the cover. It inspired the orange 'liner today and will probably have me coloring in my eyebrows and stenciling shapes on my face at some point this summer.

Riding hood

I wandered into Free People the other day and was pleasantly surprised to spot this convertible tee. You can never tell how these things work by just seeing them on the hanger so I had to try it on. I was sold on the possibilities so I brought it home in heather gray. Being mildly ADD about things, I'm stoked on having a tee I can change around 3 times in one night if I want to.

Little Shredders

One of my fave photogs, Kenneth Cappello, who I raved about recently, has an exhibit opening this Tuesday at Milk Gallery in NYC you shouldn't miss. Some know him as the former assistant to David LaChapelle, or by his work shooting some of raddest people in the biz. Where do I begin? Ummm, Erin Wasson, Jessica Stam, Chloë Sevigny, Lemmy of Motorhead, Lil Wayne, Eve....the list goes on. This show isn't about name dropping though, it's about the other kind of dropping-- on a skateboard. The exhibit will feature images from Cappello's book, Acid Drop, depicting his childhood spent skateboarding down in Texas with his friends. Luckily, I work nearby so I'll be dropping in early (sorry for the puns).

The finger bracelet

I've been so ring-crazed lately so sorry to anyone not into rings! Here's a rad concept by a Tel Aviv-based seller I found on etsy. She decided to create a ring version of a woven cuff bracelet she had made and the result is pretty awesome.

Acid attack

I'm really inspired by some of the psychedelic/intergalactic styles going on in these snaps from Tokyo. I will have to make friends with color once again this summer, and hopefully get some good results out of playing with dyes.

images via London Tokyo Streets

Let the wind blow

I picked up the summer catalog today at UO and just stared at the radness that is this Silence & Noise top. It reminds me a lot of Complex Geometries with the built-in cowl neck hood, except it's made of a semi-sheer lightweight fabric. From the catalog image (above) it looks white but it's actually a grey color (bummer cause I'd prefer it in white), and in black it looks slightly witchy...in a good way of course. I think ordering a size or two up would give the exaggerated cowl look like in the catalog shot.

Burberry Bargain

I bought these patent leather studded Burberry heels online a few months ago, and I have been struggling with the fact that they are too small and never going to fit, but oh so hard to let go of. I can't bear to just send them off to some undeserving ebayer, so I am offering up these beauties to one of our lucky readers. They are a size 38, but fit more like a 7.5- I bought them (on sale) for $325, and I am asking $250 (free US shipping). I have never worn them out of the house, i swear! (even though I wish i could have because they are sooooo hot!) Please let me know if you are interested.

The cost of one venti cappuccino

No joke. Some pretty decent Silence & Noise coated skinny jeans are up for grabs at UO right now for a fiver ($5 sale all weekend online and in store). I might go for the "purple rain" pair (pictured).

Vanity Never Stops

I stumbled across this ad campaign on my friend's tumblr today for Intrecci Hairdressing, a salon based out of Milan. The styling, art direction and photography came together so well....the beauty industry can be so cookie cutter so it's refreshing to see a more conceptual approach for once.

Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Art Director: Federico Pepe
Copywriter: Stefania Siani
Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari

Crash Cover

I have never watched/read Harry Potter, but I definitely know who Emma Watson is- and she is totally killing it in this issue of Crash Magazine.
image via google

I love you

TEAMO has been on my brain a lot lately after seeing their epic fall line, including the pointy high-shouldered jackets Susie wrote about. Some of their spring collection just hit New High (M)art and I'm immediately drawn to the grape purple vest. It would look so awesome over just about any t-shirt.

I think I was so fixated on the giant cross jewelry in the spring show that I completely missed the lucite skulls. I know skull everything has been done to death but these pieces look really fresh. I wonder if the designers were inspired by Indiana Jones.


Give a girl a break

There's a lot of really cool things going on with this dress- the zippers, pockets, draping, the back side. It's got that whole roughed-up feminine vibe I'm such a sucker for. I'd be so much more into it though if it weren't $614. When did Diesel get this expensive!?

Treasure hunting

On Saturday, me and a friend hopped on our bikes to finally hit up the much talked about Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. I sort of knew what to expect so I wasn't shocked or disappointed when I found that a lot of things were not priced very flea market friendly. I mean we were in the middle of Brooklyn, not in some random hick town so I wasn't exactly expecting a "steal." With that said, I still spotted some rad stuff and plan on going back again in a few weeks.

Pretty much the only stuff I was really into spending money on there was jewelry and housewares. I almost got that lucite cart above but talked myself out of it. A lot of my favorite things there were 60s era including this one vendor that had some amazing 60s spaceage type jewelry.

I got this amazing ashtray but since I don't smoke, I thought I'd use it for jewelry instead. I also picked up those mirrored lennon glasses...they are very MK (aside from the obvious very "lennon").

I had my eyes peeled the whole time for some cool sterling silver rings and in one of the last stalls, I picked up this beauty (on the left). The shape is very prepubescent boob and it's actually hollow so it's not heavy at all.

I couldn't resist this giant rusty safety pin with the number "32" on it that apparently was used as a keyring for some kind of rental lockers in the 40s. I knew when I saw it that I wanted to throw it on a chain. It's on my Rackk and Ruin crystal bullet necklace but I might switch it out to a slightly heavier chain if I find the right one.

Eternal flame

There was a time that orange was my favorite color, but somehow I now barely have anything in my wardrobe this shade. This Wolford red and orange ombre tube dress threatens to rehatch my former sunny love affair. Vagabond NYC really has some of best taste around in handpicked vintage and recent designer duds....you really have to go see for yourself.

Here's a few other of my top picks in the shop right now..

Prada velvet wedges & 90s Gianni Versaci purple leather bra top

80s Leopard print faux leathe body-con dress

90s Cache twill zippered skinny pants

Dolce & Gabanna sheer plum pencil skirt

80s Issey Miyake quilted sweatshirt top

Die now in the shadow of the pentagram

Mind is blown. How'd I miss this "Sacrément Inspirée" editorial from the Sept. 07 issue of French Vogue? The amazing Carine Roitfeld of course made it happen, and it was shot by Terry Richardson with plenty of satanic references thrown into the mix- although the cross on the goat's head should be upside down....just sayin. You'd NEVER see this in American Vogue though. Enjoy your weekends children (of the grave)!

Moon Rock

My fixation with outer space and its crossover into fashion has rehatched my love of mineral rock rings. In the latter part of my teens I was really into amber, the often orange-colored fossilized resin from ancient forests. I collected a few really awesome rings, which I still have somewhere. Designers like Josh Goot, McQueen, and Marios Schwab all were inspired by crystals and minerals this year, and it has rubbed off on me too lately to say the least. I dug up (get it?) some really rad finds on etsy, and learned some new words in the process like "chalcopyrite."

Clockwise from top left: Galena rock ring from SaruStar, Pyrite ring from SaruStar, Josh Goot Fall 09, Andamooka Opal ring from Opalwing, Black Mountain ring from Jealousy Design, McQueen Spring 09, Arc Iris ring from Masaoms, Chalcopyrite ring from SaruStar; (space image from National Geographic)

Beehives and Pinecones

I honestly don't know much about New Zealand fashion but apparently I should know about Zambesi, one of the most influential labels to come out of the country, started before I was even born. They were among the first labels in NZ to establish a strong local identity, pushing the innovative relationships between fabric and function, often echoeing the landscape of the rugged coastal country. For Fall 09, my favorite pieces were those that drew inspiration from nature- the patterns found in pinecones and beehives specifically. While cut-outs have been done to death, I am really into this more directional approach, using materials like leather and suede to create a stronger form.

Zambesi is mostly stocked in New Zealand and Australia, but available online at General Cucumber. Elizabeth Charles in SF + NYC carries some of the line as well.