Birds of a feather

My growing collection of statement pieces has a hole I've been waiting to fill for awhile...of the feathered variety. I considered hitting up craft stores and making myself some earrings (which I still might explore), but then I stumbled upon MountainManCreations, a shop on etsy filled to the brim with every color, length, and species of bird feather earrings imaginable (none are from endangered or protected animals btw). If you have any interest in acquiring some for yourself, you seriously have to go check out the unique variety in this shop. My favorites are below which include a lot of ones that use deer hair for a more fuller look, and those "golden danglers" on the left which are 11" long! I think those would look pretty damn amazing shooting down past my hair. All the prices are super reasonable too and he'll even change the hooks to surgical stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold tone if you want.

background photo by Neil Krug

While I'm on the topic of feathers, I have to point out this insanely amazing feather necklace made by my talented friend Kerin Rose. It's actually dyed rooster feathers, and I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo but it's pretty damn big, hitting a few inches above the waist. I'd like to see this on a hot someone (or myself) with little else but a cropped tank or bandeau top. Bring on summer baby!


Wes. said...

they remind me of the native american dream catchers

Anonymous Agent said...

dude you could totally rock the "gold danglers"!

Lani said...

i love feather earrings! my only problem is that sometimes they're too light, so they don't hang. instead they'll flop around awkwardly in my hair