Burberry Bargain

I bought these patent leather studded Burberry heels online a few months ago, and I have been struggling with the fact that they are too small and never going to fit, but oh so hard to let go of. I can't bear to just send them off to some undeserving ebayer, so I am offering up these beauties to one of our lucky readers. They are a size 38, but fit more like a 7.5- I bought them (on sale) for $325, and I am asking $250 (free US shipping). I have never worn them out of the house, i swear! (even though I wish i could have because they are sooooo hot!) Please let me know if you are interested.


BEACH 11:29 said...

if i could chop off an inch and a half of my foot and not end up cripple i would want them
sadly im a nine

vivian said...

lovin' your blog as always - actually was forced a hiatus from blog surfing (*tear), as they blocked blogspot here in china so had a resort to witopia, but happy to be in the free internets world again yay - and would totally love to support you, but i'm a 6.5/7 and funnily enough i got a pair from this same collection i believe - with a studded platform & peeptoe.

keep on rockin' love your taste! xxx