Die now in the shadow of the pentagram

Mind is blown. How'd I miss this "Sacrément Inspirée" editorial from the Sept. 07 issue of French Vogue? The amazing Carine Roitfeld of course made it happen, and it was shot by Terry Richardson with plenty of satanic references thrown into the mix- although the cross on the goat's head should be upside down....just sayin. You'd NEVER see this in American Vogue though. Enjoy your weekends children (of the grave)!


noirohio vintage said...

i agree about the cross.
Shit this is so good!

Kat George said...

Carine is special.

I love this, it reminds me of Fever Ray film clip for 'When I Grow Up'


yui said...

oh wow...i dont usually dig all this dark stuff that people seem to be into these days but i love the way this is styled...it's satanic but with lots of cuteness thrown in like pink cdg...omg this is giving me so many ideas now!

WendyB said...

I particularly love that 2nd picture.

Anonymous said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiice I approve. I love the third one - reminds me of my childhood in the country.