When it warms up outside, I feel like I get a little more brave with makeup. Today I rocked some bright orange MAC eyeliner in "O-J". I thought it looked pretty cool under my alien blue eyes.

I've been pulling out old issues of Nylon from 2001-2003 when they were doing something fresh and different and I was a bit obsessed with the mag. I actually think a lot of what they were doing back then was so ahead of the game that it's more relevant to today than what they are actually doing today in some of their editorials. This is a topic I am going to further explore when I get around to scanning some more from their golden era. For now, here's a beauty story from the August 2001 issue with Natalie Portman on the cover. It inspired the orange 'liner today and will probably have me coloring in my eyebrows and stenciling shapes on my face at some point this summer.


trigg and trig. said...

holy crap your eyes are crazy.
i need to get more into coloured make up.. rather than boring black and brown.

Anonymous Agent said...

YES you def. rocked that today!

M I A N N said...

Huh. Orange and blue, I hadn't thought of that. Very nice

laia. said...

1. loooove the orange! i used to wear orange eyeshadow quite a bit in high school and when it works out it definitely looks cool.

2. the early years of nylon were incredible. totally inspirational.

Cox said...

totally agree, young NYLON was like a bible for everything that's relevant, now its jsut some hipster handbook for tweens.

sarah said...

Love the liner! Any luck finding the hot pink you wrote about a while ago? That would also look amazing with your blue eyes.

Amanda said...

thanks guys! sarah: i found a brand called stargazer online that makes a hot pink liner but haven't bought it yet. i want to check out st. marks + ricky's first

Anonymous said...

you are so right!
the older issues are wayyy better
is it just me or have they become way to trendy and main stream now?
it makes me sad
yeah i think im gonna put about to back order issues of nylon from those years on my bday list
you eyes-are like bright clear summer water-need i say more??

p.s. kelsey needs help with her css code for tumblr tell me if you know how to add links to a diff layout

eco mama mariah said...

I completely agree with ya on the Nylon issue...I have saved all of mine as well from the very first issue, until about 2 yrs ago when I became very un-inspired by them. Had an employee for awhile that would tell me new stories each day, she said they are just all into high end designer crap and not trying to look different anymore. Sell sell sell. blah. please the advertisers/ investors? what is this world coming to!

Anonymous said...

yeah, nylon features way too much streetwear now. i treasure the one old issue i kept, with jessica miller on the cover, as a memory of what once was.