May 26, 2009

I love you

TEAMO has been on my brain a lot lately after seeing their epic fall line, including the pointy high-shouldered jackets Susie wrote about. Some of their spring collection just hit New High (M)art and I'm immediately drawn to the grape purple vest. It would look so awesome over just about any t-shirt.

I think I was so fixated on the giant cross jewelry in the spring show that I completely missed the lucite skulls. I know skull everything has been done to death but these pieces look really fresh. I wonder if the designers were inspired by Indiana Jones.



sarah said...

I love Teamo! I saw some pieces from their A/W 09 collection at Aparat, their U.S. based showroom a few months ago..You should go visit them..they're actually in Brooklyn! One of my faves hands down was the skull bracelet...gotta tell you...that mama's heavy and you're quit right: It totally evokes Indiana Jones! Haha.
Here's Aparat's link if you're interested:

Amanda said...

thanks sarah. i had no idea they had a showroom in ny! we might have to hit that up (close to where i live too)

market publique said...

love the purple vest, you should totally get it!

dreamecho said...

thanks for the heads up! the exaggerated sleeves and that purple color is delish.