May 22, 2009

Moon Rock

My fixation with outer space and its crossover into fashion has rehatched my love of mineral rock rings. In the latter part of my teens I was really into amber, the often orange-colored fossilized resin from ancient forests. I collected a few really awesome rings, which I still have somewhere. Designers like Josh Goot, McQueen, and Marios Schwab all were inspired by crystals and minerals this year, and it has rubbed off on me too lately to say the least. I dug up (get it?) some really rad finds on etsy, and learned some new words in the process like "chalcopyrite."

Clockwise from top left: Galena rock ring from SaruStar, Pyrite ring from SaruStar, Josh Goot Fall 09, Andamooka Opal ring from Opalwing, Black Mountain ring from Jealousy Design, McQueen Spring 09, Arc Iris ring from Masaoms, Chalcopyrite ring from SaruStar; (space image from National Geographic)

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Leila said...

Don't forget Vena Cava's FW09 collection, that was totally inspired by geodes...