This weekend, a couple of friends and I are having a stoop sale in Williamsburg. There will be tons of (men's and women's) clothes, shoes, and random household items. Come through and say hi! It's on Saturday at 147 N9th street, from 12-5.

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Anonymous said...

do you knw how awesome you are?
i say it to you alot so im guessing its catching on ye-ah?
i would love to be there..we'll see if i can work something out

Lani said...

darn, i'm not going to be around this saturday. otherwise i'd stop by!

i really love your blog, but i don't comment nearly enough. anyhow, hope your sale goes well & have a great weekend!

dd said...

YAY!!! thanks and see you tomorrow!

t. said...

i wish! would be awesome to chill on your stoop