TEAMO Fall 09

TEAMO has quickly moved into a top spot in my book, currently one of the few and best Mexican fashion labels creating alternative fashion. They don't have much distribution yet, and I'm always keeping a close eye on LA's New High (M)art because they occasionally carry a few pieces from the label. Their spring collection got my attention with the perfect shade of grape purple and giant cross necklaces that remind me of Prince. I have to say their fall range is a nice progression from the previous season. Giant gold-coin sequins embellish tops in the form of a cross or shoulder armor, and the accessory of choice is a single long fringe earring that I am really into. TEAMO's take on black holey knits and sheer-panelled tops and bottoms are pretty spot on too. Overall, I'm really loving this collection and would wear most of it in a heartbeat. It easily can take you from lounging on the couch to hitting the moonlit streets.

images via Coutorture

3 comments: Maegan said...

I kind of love it.

Sarah A. said...

im really into that make up.
how is it SO much without looking like much at all? incredible.

Annie said...

sarah A - I know, if I had that makeup on, I'd have about half my face covered in black. Pat McGrath coudl do it and i'd look like a twat.

Anyway, I LOVE this.