June 21, 2009

Any day of the week

It's been a minute since I checked up on what's happening at Weekday- since H&M acquired it along with Monki and Cheap Monday over a year ago, I've been quietly praying we'd get one of our own stateside. So far, that hasn't happened, so you Scandinavian kids still have the chain all to yourselves! Right now, there's a 50% off sale in all the Weekday stores. Here's some of what I might have in my bag if I could teleport over to Sweden right this instant.

Unlike H&M who collaborates with one well-established designer a season for a collection (causing mass-hysteria in America), Weekday has paired up with several up-and-comers this season for "Weekday Extended." Right now in store, there are small collections from Carin Wester, Nakkna, Nho Duong, Minimarket, and 5 Preview. I love the concept behind the wrinkle print tops Minimarket did for the store, and Nho Duong's pieces are so great that it makes it hard to believe this is her first commercial collection (having just graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm last year).


sharon said...

ok i'm tired of all these amazing swedish labels not having any online stores. ugh

i loved what you picked out

sarah said...

Shit! I second Sharon's (e)motion. Please, Weekday, open up an international eshop, pretty please!?

Cox said...

AMAZING! i went to weekday 2.5 years ago in stockholm and wanted to buy everything.. plus monki is really the holy grail! it is super affordable too.

i actually emailed monki a year or so ago asking if they were opening an online shop and they said it was in the works. well.. hopefully soon?

t. said...

goooood stuff!

Ashley said...

What is up with Sweden??? They have ridiculously amazing labels that I can't buy here (come on online store!!!!) I am totally in love with everything you picked out. The "lipstick" tee is incredible.