Last week I went on a little shopping excursion with my buds to Beacons, and we all left with some pretty rad stuff. I found this old Obesity and Speed dress while thoroughly skimming the color-grouped black racks. The banding reminds me of those b&w composition books.

dress, Obesity and Speed; necklace, Rackkandruin; wedges, Minimarket

I also found this epic 90s photoprint eye top that is simultaneously creepy and amazing. It might not be apes or nuclear explosions, but I definitely had Christopher Kane in mind when I spotted this one.


noirohio vintage said...

great finds! I love that first dress

dirtyflaws said...

agreed x

Anonymous said...

Grrrr!! i havent been to beacons yet amanda...i want to go bad i was at buffalo a while ago-i think i still have some money there-you know when you exchange things, haha
oh its me kelsey, i started a new blogger-one without that damn flag..i missed blogger, and if you and hemaly and a whole bunch of bloggers can keep a blogger here and a tumblr wel dammit! so can i haha..
the writer in me missed the typing, on tumblr most people just want to post pictures so i'll keep that as an online collection.
so come by when you want

Anonymous said...

cool find!
i def. recognize that dress from one of their earliest collections...wish that the 0&S site still had images of their old stuff.

sarah said...

Amazing dress! Looks great on you!

Yan Tan said...

Hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting...we love it : )



Amanda said...

thanks guys! burnthesebones: i wish o&s kept up past collections too. i couldn't find the collection it's from.

Yuka said...

such an amazing thrift find!!