I would very much like a magical getaway

The resort 2010 collections are trickling in and I've made some picks of what I'd be into for "pre-spring" even though that's ages away. Since my lifestyle doesn't typically include words like "yacht" or "St. Tropez", I am more into the collections that offer realistic options for the transition of seasons versus cruise attire. However, there were so many pretty dresses, I included some of those too, just in case I do make it beyond the Northeast this winter.

Alexander Wang- he went all-American with the khakis and denim. I'm very into the angled snap pants on the right.

Thakoon- the collection was very upbeat and full of color. The dress on the left is so teeny tiny but so cute- it reminds me of the ocean which is appropriate for a "resort" collection eh?

ADAM- easy, breezy pieces that are generous in fit but still look great on.

Calvin Klein- I'd like to float away in one of these weightless dresses.

DVF- I'm not really a big fan of hers but I liked a lot of the prints in this collection. They are very loud and cheerful, but definitely more suited for a getaway to Bali than a staycation in NYC. The giant bows are pretty amazing and I can see them making Ms. White Lightning a happy girl.

Helmut Lang- always a fave and very wearable. The designers were inspired by the erosion of materials, incorporating the look of rubbed-off metals and burnt-out fabrics into some of the pieces.

Yigal Azrouƫl- a denim and leather jacket to die for (dare I say more interesting than the one Wang did?) and some really great layered looks topped off with bright-colored turbans.

images from style.com


yui said...

thakoon was surprisingly good! i always feel helmut lang is a bit cheap & highstreet-looking for the price...nothing compared to what mr.lang used to do...

Amanda said...

i totally agree with you about lang. i was in loehman's a few months ago and they had like 3 racks of helmut lang discounted. i was excited until i got closer and realized it was mainly just plain tanks with like a slight asymmetric seam marked way down in price but still $100. Thakoon's prints are amazing though!

Sarah A. said...

excellent picks, mdear!

im so impressed by wang's khaki...thats a difficult task to tackle and he pretty much nailed it. that entire outfit is a masterpiece.

fawn lust said...

Yeah, Thakoon was great!

Anonymous said...

if it weren't for people like you, i would be too lazy to check out the resort collections haha.
definitely taking a closer look now!