June 29, 2009

Rock with you

I finally broke my silver bias when I picked up this giant dalmation jasper rock ring (from Loehmann's). The thing is so big and heavy, I tend to wear it alone so it can bask in its own glory.


Quinn said...

your funny and i have the same shirt like

me melodia said...

AHH! I have that same Loehmann's ring! It's such a treat to wear but it make rare appearances.

Samantha Smikle said...

loehmann's? who knew!
also wanted to let u kno i did an interview last week and shouted you out at the end! here's the link:

Amanda said...

i know! whenever i find something cool at loehmann's, people can't believe that's where it's from..

thanks for the shoutout Samantha! see u soon prob at another party :)

Vintage Tea said...

Love it! You cant beat an amazingly huge statement ring, and this one defo does the trick!

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Neha said...

awesome nail polish!! where did u get it?