Triangle Play

Kai-Aakmann is a name that's been floating in the back of my head for awhile. I initially discovered the brand in the back of the Eryn Brinie store in Soho and was stoked to find such innovative clothing right on Broadway. At the time, I just thought it was part of a random collaboration with Brinie, but after rediscovering the brand on the interwebs, I've learned they are part of the same company, Avista Inc, so it all makes sense now! Based in South Korea, Avista is a global fashion company that also owns BNX and Kaylee Tankus (who I talked about recently).

I'm really drawn to Kai's designs, mainly due to the unique tailoring and casual androgyny the label represents. For Summer 09, the theme was "Triangle Play" which was interpreted both literally through screenprinted graphics, and through shape & form seen in cone-shaped heels and skirts that come to a point. I'm hoping to find some of these pieces on my next trip to Eryn Brinie, which seems like it might be the only store stocking Kai-Aakmann outside of Korea.


burnthesebones said...

i got the most perfect leather motorcycle jacket from kai-aakman last fall!
i make it a point to stop by eryn brinie every so often to check out the line...haven't seen any of those shoes yet, sadly.

Amanda said...

i'm going to stop by this week- there's usually not a whole lot from kai but i'm crossing my fingers..

noirohio vintage said...

love these pieces!