What do you have in there?

I've been scoping out "summer bags" a lot lately- you know, the ones you can throw across your chest or on your back for days when you need to carry more than the average load. The days are long in the summer, so I need something comfortable and big enough to hold all my junk and potential stuff I might acquire during my adventures.

African Mud Cloth tote, Etsy

See by ChloƩ bag, Farfetch.com

Burlap sling bag, ebay

Makin Jan Ma backpack

Ora leather backpack, Etsy

Alexandra Cassaniti money satchel

Skyward tote


t. said...

great picks! whoa funny, i just posted that a. cassaniti $ bag... i'm obsessed with it.

Amanda said...

yeah t, me too! i had seen it at creatures of comfort and then on your blog and i'm obsessed too.

yui said...

i love these the first tote especially.. i liked that makin jan ma bag too but turns out its humugous!like big enough to go on a 5 day camping trip haha

Cox said...

i love the money Alexandra Cassaniti bag! her accessories are always amazing

Anonymous Agent said...

AHHH Haha that Ebay/Mary Kay bag is DOPE! Who knew!

fawn lust said...

Loving the backpacks!