Who wants free jeans??

Hey Is Mental fans and random passersby! We want to show you our appreciation for visiting us and spreading the love. Chickdowntown has offered me this awesome pair of Current/Elliott Jeans, The Skinny in Cloud Wash Destroyed (retail $254), to give away to one of our lucky readers! Chickdowntown is a great online store carrying a range of designers like Elizabeth and James, Free People Fashion, Mink Pink, and a ton more.

All you have to do to get a chance at scoring these is leave a comment on this post with your email and answer to this question:

What's one item in your wardrobe that you will probably hold onto forever (and maybe pass down to your kid one day)?

The contest will run for about a week and we will announce the winner on July 3! **Update: for US residents only (forgot to mention this, and it's not my rule)!

Keep up with new arrivals, discounts and special giveaways via Chickdowntown's facebook and twitter pages.


alex said...

my black leather jacket with gold hardware that I discovered at a thrift shop in philadelpia. STEAL of a lifetime! 40 bucks for decades of looks...

Anonymous said...

my Alexander McQueen's button up shirt. It's classic :D


Angela said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog!

Regarding your question, I would have to say my Chanel black classic flap bag. It's a classic!

Pritz said...

my "bad religion" tshirt and my "tiger army" hoodie. total reminders of my punk rock youth!

for the record, the BR tshirt would totally look bad ass with these jeans

thank you for the giveaway!


Some Notes on Napkins said...

For sure my vintage oscar de la renta tuxedo shirt! i never wear it tooooo scary!

Louise said...

My new Throbbing Gristle t-shirt from their show last week. One of my favorite bands and they exceeded all my expectations. Best show in years.


V. Vice said...

My Nine West shiny black ankle boots
No matter what my kid's style might be, I think those go with everything


Amanda said...

I would have to say a vintage pink skirt w/ matching top that belonged to my mom and a pair of simple blacke vintage heels. Both are classic.


Love your blog

Laura said...

The fur coat my grandma gave me. I don't wear it very often, but I make sure to pet it from time to time.

I will definitely be hanging on to my dad's vintage Grateful Dead shirts and my new black Christian Louboutin pumps as well. They don't even fit me but the sale was too good to pass up. Hopefully my future child will love them as much as I do.

Oh, and these jeans if I win! =) Thanks for the contest!

-Laura from Shop It To Me

miranda__ said...

my perfectly buttery plain white oversized t-shirt that I've had for generations. don't know if I'll ever 'give' it to my kid but I guess they can look at it from time to time.. (sorry kiddo I just really dig it)



Anonymous said...

That beautiful purple velvet military coat :)



gynnephur said...

When I was in Tokyo I bought a hand-made t-shirt from a guy at a big free-style art event. The shirt is bright yellow and features a beautiful image of Buddha in bright pink. Totally neon, and a fitting representation of Japan - something modern with something traditional. We tried speaking each other's languages to each other and were making little progress in the transaction. Finally he said in English, "Buy this and I will dance for you." Sold!


Amanda said...

i would have to pick my wayne dress that i got on super sale at barneys. it will never go out of style.


Phillip said...

My Dawson's Creek T-Shirt from 1998 because James Van Der Beek never goes out of style


Sheila said...

A black slouchy beanie that used to belong to my dad back when he was a foreign exchange student in the 70s.

sjm377 at nyu.edu

silverhartgirl said...

My jean jacket. it is a classic
silverhartgirl at gmail.com

Kelly said...

I would hold onto my customized jean vest (with studs, back patch and everything). It looks great and hopefully will be a good story to tell my kids about.

For Love not Money said...

Through years of thrifting I've amassed an awesome collection of black leather pieces that I could never ever part with - 2 cropped biker jackets, a cropped racer-back biker vest, high waist bubble shorts with diamonte detail and a high waist skater skirt.

They'll never date, they'll go with everything....and she'll have to share them with me because I have visions of rocking them until I'm a senior citizen....


Nicole said...

my mother's black tshirt from the 70s that has the italian map masked in the form of italy. on the shirt in white lettering it says "italian americans #1."
i could never get rid of this shirt.



fiona t said...

a pair of onyx dior chandelier earrings that my fiance gave me on our first christmas together. and a jersey vivienne westwood lbd. "interesting" things have happened every single time i've worn these pieces. i want my children to experience the same love and fun i had.

Mollie said...

My leather jacket. It's so sofy and comfy and will definitely stand the test of time. Most of my other clothes get destroyed super fast.


oriwa said...

A bad ass black balaclava my dad passed onto me when i was a kid.

He'd had it from the seventies and used to wear it in winter when riding his motorbike. One day I started borrowing it to play cops and robbers, and never gave it back!

It's pretty daggy and I probably can't wear it most places, but I love it, and who knows... someday it might come in handy if I decide to rob a bank.



amythewolf said...

all of my monrow t-shirts and tank tops. i wear them with everything.

gimmie the jeans!

me melodia said...

I'd hand down either my vintage black leather motorcycle saddlebag or my 70s thin as air 'poopdeck' t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

a silver chain with 5 pull rings from diet coke and a silver mutter i found on the street. i wear it almost every day. the pullrings is an old habit from punk teeanges when giving it to someone was a sign of love. i still have one that my first boyfriend gave to me. he also gave me his mothers engagement ring which he stole. he was a punk and i still have it.

Ann said...

My high school prom dress. I found it two days before my prom! It's a vintage 1940's dress, copper in colour and absolutely divine. It isn't something I would wear often, but it is perfect for special occasions. I still can't believe that I found this gem!

M E L I $ $ A said...

I have this t-shirt from my mom's high school days. It's beige and says Explorers on the front with two rifles crossing in the middle and Staten Island underneath. The back says FRAN (her name).

Yeah my mom was that badass bitch who grew up in Staten Island and was in the NRA.

I'll keep this shirt forever and ever and ever. Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.


Anonymous said...

i have an irreplaceable leather jacket that i got in italy. its been weathered in rain and snow and its perfect and soft and textured and ALMOST even a little torn. and the shape is something ive never seen. you cant beat the perfect leather jacket.

and i wont be popping out any kids, so no one is gonna steal it from me!!

Ashley said...

Oh this is tough. Probably the necklace that my grandmother gave me before she died, it's a cross on a silver chain, just gorgeous.


Lani said...

DvF halter sweater dress. It's funky because of the tribal inspired print and timeless because it's DvF.

skygirl615 at yahoo dot com

love your blog!


Courtney O. Groh said...

my plaid Flannels!


KATLIN said...

Do rings count? :) urpleurple@gmail.com

thedeparture said...

I believe it would have to be my pair of vintage Lip Service crushed velvet skinny lace-up pants with rows of grommets all the way up the sides. Believe me... my silly description doesn't even do it justice. I probably won't even let it go until I start to look ridiculous in it. Maybe once I'm already 80 and with a bad hunch and one too many wrinkles. Only then would you able to pry them out of my shaking, arthritic hands.

Friedia said...

These current elliot jeans I will be getting soon!:)


love your blog!!xxx