Wrapped up and ready to go

So I haven't really been all up on the bike shorts trend that's been on the runways lately. I like how some designers have styled them but I just haven't given them a try myself yet. Then I spotted these Anzevino and Florence tie leggings and it set off all these ideas in my head of how to wear these..not to mention I actually DO ride a bike, so they would be perfect riding attire. 

FYI: They are available at Nasty Gal and 80s Purple AND I found a code for 15% off for first time 80s Purple customers: 80snewbie

I missed out on the Stolen Girlfriends Club bandage leggings that sold out in a flash at Pixie Market a few months ago. Michelle from KOS was lucky to get her hands on a pair and I can't wait to try layering the Anzevino and Florence ones over colored/patterned tights when colder weather hits.


Anonymous Agent said...

:Sigh: I really wish someone would pair biker shorts with biker appropriate footwear. Whatevvss!

Amanda said...

oh trust me, when i wear these on my bike, i WON'T be wearing anything of the heel variety!