Since scoring the Tom's wrap boot for RIDIculously cheap at the now defunct Woodley & Bunny Clothier, I've been drawn to shoes that remind me of mummies. I bookmarked these little Dolce Vita booties a long time ago and what do you know, they're on sale now!


For Love not Money said...

Ohhhh, very nice indeed - I like a bit of foot bondage.

I'm on the look out for another pair of "gig shoes"(cute, reasonably heel heighted, reasonably comfortable looking)heels.

Might just add these to the list....


Vintage Tea said...

Cute boots. I love the sort of layers thing going on

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amythewolf said...

dude, i have like, 4 pairs of dolce vitas, no wait, 5. all but 1 pair doesnt hurt my feet. whats up with that? all the semi-wedge (1-inchers) take like forever to break in, and the heels are always so dope, BUT, for me, mad painful. not totally sure why. or what's wrong with me. whatever. i suck at everything today. tomorrow will prolly be better. not probably.