Lined up

The spring drop of Preen's diffusion line, Preen Line, saw huge success, with the fountain dress selling out in 24 hours on Net-a-Porter. I was on La Garconne today and noticed that some new pieces from Preen Line were just added, and I'm kind of love with everything (they got pretty zipper-happy on us, but in a good way). This print from their Fall 09 collection was reworked into a few tops and a dress which all look pretty amazing. Preen founders Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi did an amazing job at translating their main collection into everyday wear, and I'm hoping that rumors they will eventually show the line at London Fashion Week are true.

Walking on clouds

A few weeks ago, my friend Leila asked for our expertise on acceptable sandals to wear in this concrete jungle. NYC has a tendency to kill your feet and ruin your shoes, not to mention leave any exposed skin subject to whatever is in the grimy streets. I figured it's too late in the season to do a full on roundup for Leila, but here's one suggestion I can't review until I get my pair, but they look like a pretty good bet, at least in terms of comfort and cost. Made from carpet fiber that's spun into rope, Gurkee sandals seem like a great alternative to thonged rubber flip-flops or the ubiquitous gladiator. I discovered these at Opening Ceremony, where there are limited colors available, but you can find them here and here as well.

Burn Out

The infamous Acne shoes will not get a third appearance on this here blog, but I'll tell you they are now available for purchase and I wish I had the dough to drop on them. There's also some other really sick pieces up in the shop taking Acne into some interesting territory comprised of bats, crosses, and Saints. Killer!

Free spirited

Seeing as we are on the way into August, and it's JUST starting to get uncomfortably warm around these parts, I'm not yet counting the days to fall. However, coming across this Vogue editorial shot by Hans Feurer and Helmut Newton a whopping 26 years ago (July 1983 to be exact) does make me look forward to chilly temps, just a little. The story explored volume, layers, and a free spirit contrasted with polished, more "conservative" elements. The choice of designers was stellar ranging from Comme des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto, to one the stars of the 80s, Azzedine Alaïa. It's crazy to think this was from a quarter of a century ago and it seems more relevant than ever to me.

via tfs

Infinity's Beginning

In March, I learned about the promising new line from the folks behind Rockers NYC called God's Prey. It makes total sense that Meghan and Sean's first collection, fall's Night Marchers, will be sold at Welcome Hunters, where it will be right at home along other forward-thinking street fashion designers like KTZ, Daniel Palillo, and Ground Zero. For spring 2010's Infinity's Beginning, they focused on further developing a cohesive platform for God's Prey's ascension into the world of fashion. This is a wearable soundtrack of cosmic doom in an epic palette of underwater blues, black&white and purple haze. That scrawly line print WILL find its way into my closet and I'm always down for loose tops and long tanks. So fresh to death- keep it coming guys!

See more of the range on God's Prey's blog!

Drop The Zero

Zero Zipper dress from Pixie Market

Stop in the name of all which does not suck

A couple weeks ago, I attended my friend's party at her work's new showroom. It was one of the sweatiest shindigs I've been to in awhile, but it was good times all around. Forgetting my camera, as I often do, I bugged my girl Jess to get a photo of these awesome kids. I appreciated the girl's taste in pop culture (Yoda + Beavis and Butt-head), plus she had an Obesity and Speed sticker on the back of her vest!

On the Fringe

I was in the Irregular Choice store last week visiting my girl Laura, and I saw these beauties in the window. The wedges are handpainted with scenes from paradise, and the leather fringe is obviously pretty epic.

Iregular Choice NYC
276 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012-3304
(212) 334-3404

Cosmic shoulder

I am so into this dress from Topshop- the futuristic vibe is subtle enough where you don't look like you are going to a Star Trek convention. I saw it at the store in Soho and it looks adorable in person, not to mention perfect for the fall weather.

Vegas Baby

It's that time of year folks- MARKET! This ultimately means I am traveling like crazy and missing all of the amazing sample sales and fun summer parties that Amanda keeps posting :) This week, I will be in Las Vegas for Compass at the Alexis Park hotel. If you are attending, please stop by and say HI- I'll be holding the fort down at Fred Perry.

Pics from January Compass show

I bet you'd have a good time

I'm a pretty big Proenza Schouler fan, so I'm hoping I can make it to this sale this week. Starting tomorrow in their Soho studio, the label will have select pieces from their Spring '09 line up for grabs (yeah literally, there prob. will be grabbing).

Wed, July 29-Fri, July 31; 9am-6pm; 495 Broadway, 8th floor, (between Broome and Spring streets); 212.343.1360

Thursday I have to choose as there's two great events going on. Designer Christian Joy, known for her amazing one-of-a-kind creations for Karen O, will be hosting a little shindig with her husband down at TG-170. They will be selling artwork, as well as tees, dresses and scarves.

Christian Joy and Jason Grisell
July 30, 7-9pm @ TG-170
170 Ludlow Street, 212.995.8660

Also on Thursday, Paper Mag, Roxy, and local surf shop Mollusk (yep, we have a surf shop in Brooklyn) are throwing a block party for the screening of Dear and Yonder, a surf movie featuring a dynamic cast of ladies. There will also be a live performance by Amanda Blank (Philly!!) with Devlin & Darko (Bmore!!!). It's all going down on Thursday from 7-10pm at Secret Project Robot Art Space in Williamsburg.

We hope to see some of you locals around this week!

Within my reach

Earlier this year, you folks got a peek at some of the designer collaborations for Payless that went down the runway for Fall 09. The general consensus was along the lines of "These are PAYless? SHUT UP!!" These Alice + Olivia boots were used in her fall presentation but this is the first I'm seeing of them so I'm pretty damn stoked. The "Madison" is a black leather biker-inspired wedge boot with strappy details and silver metallic buckles (the top image I scanned from Nylon Aug '09 shows two buckles, but the bottom images are from the A+O presentation/lookbook and show four). They will retail for $45-50 and can't drop soon enough. Maybe once I have these on my feet, I'll forget all about Chlöe Sevigny's expensive buckled boots.

The eyes don't lie

Acne is slowly but surely filling up their online shop with all the tasty fall 09 gear. I admittedly check quite often actually, as I'm waiting to see the plastic pants and platform moon shoes pop up to tempt me to no end. On the more practical side of personal Acne wants are these stretchy Jasmine trousers in Bouclé print that I can see going with so much in my wardrobe. "Stretch" is the key word as I need plenty of that once the holidays roll around.

You nailed it

I was in Urban the other day and saw this bowl of giant nails that caught my eye. I have no idea what they're meant for, although I imagine they'd look cool as a centerpiece (like the way fancy people have bowls of glass marbles and what not sitting around for decoration). I bought one and immediately grabbed some spare leather cord I had at home to make a necklace out of it. Most people that see it say something like "woah, be careful with that thing!" which I sort of expected seeing as it's a giant nail. The shirt is by Slow and Steady Wins the Race and I was psyched to find it on super duper sale at Urban since I almost bought it at full price last month.

The shape of things to come

As exhausted as I was by the end of the workday on Friday, I still found the energy to drop by the Ideeën sample sale. I found so much great stuff but wisely edited it down to two based on enough reasons in my head why I needed them: a dope dress I might wear to a friend's wedding, and these drapey shorts because I could use more shorts that aren't made of denim. I wore them today and they are seriously the most comfortable bottoms I own now (I'm burnt from surfing yesterday so that's why I look so orange).

The giant back pockets are what sold me.

These are another pair of ebayed boots that arrived last week. The fabric reminds me of scuba gear.

tank, Monki; shorts, Ideeën; boots, ebay; necklace, diyed/UO

Brass wings

It's kind of coincidental that I found this bracelet tonight because me and my friends were riding through our hood today talking about weirdness like what birds say to each other. Somehow that led to corny bat jokes like "What did one bat say to the other bat?.....Let's HANG out!" Lame, I know, but that was the point. I love bats and have been searching for the perfect piece of bat jewelry for some time now. If I had the kind of money to drop on this bat bracelet by Delfina Delettrez, I would in a heartbeat.

Never enough

I just got back from a long day at Long Beach (NY) trying to surf for the first time! I knew it would be hard, but it was especially impossible because there was a huge swell. I'm psyched though to have a new hobby to conquer- I can't wait to go again. Since I'm in no shape to be photographed at the moment and need some help myself getting dressed tonight, I thought I'd unload some of my July streetstyle folder on you guys. Enjoy!

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