Aqua net and cotton candy

If you grew up near the east coast of America, spending time hanging out on the boardwalk, then you'll appreciate this one. This 1994 documentary shot in Wildwood, NJ in '92 by Carol Weaks/Cassidy and Ruth Leitman features teenagers talking about "hookin up", getting in fights and waiting for calls by the payphones. I had to laugh thinking that a great deal of the fashion is "current" again and probably at topshop and urban outfitters right now. The payphone chick is basically wearing this A. Wang top.

via Mishka Bloglin


misha said...

this is so awesome. a million times better then the AW shirt. and all the girls are much hotter

Tina Lovely said...

ha ha i just watched this the other day..

darbe said...

Dumb as nails but, god.... a few of them look like models from today. so interesting! LOL