So I am just wrapping up the second day of Capsule- good times! Fortunately, I was pretty busy in my booth so I didn't have time to snap many pictures. Spring 2010 is looking pretty casual, yet sexy, for the boys! There wasn't very many women's lines as this is predominantly a men's show. Stay tuned- next week is Vegas!

Obesessed with this outfit (and her hair!)

fancy feet

Tommy and Roy from ALTER



Fred Perry x Stussy Throwback Bomber Jacket


Amanda said...

my heart would have stopped had i seen those shiny green shoes in person!!!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Stopped by your booth looking for you but you weren't there! Next time!


magpie said...

Meg has some sick style! what booth were you at??

dd said...

AManda you were the reason why i took the pic of the green shoes <3
I was at the Fred Perry by Raf Simmons booth Magpie-
Sorry I missed you Tiffany!