July 28, 2009

Cosmic shoulder

I am so into this dress from Topshop- the futuristic vibe is subtle enough where you don't look like you are going to a Star Trek convention. I saw it at the store in Soho and it looks adorable in person, not to mention perfect for the fall weather.


Sarah A. said...

oooh! nice! did you get it?

Amanda said...

they didn't have my size in stock (i really want to try it on!)

josephine said...

That's pure awesome. I'll have to keep a wide eye out for that one.


jenn said...

i adore that in the past month you have featured the cosmic dress and the cut out boutique leggings from TS - me and another girl from my course have been on work placement at the company that supplies to Topshop and makes both these things :D

Not only this, but she drew the spec for this dress and I drew the spec as well as the initial designs for the cut out leggings :D

Not that this information is at all exciting for anyone but me and her but I thought I'd share anyway :)

jenn x


Amanda said...

omg jenn, then you have amazing taste/talent!!! start your own line dude.

Roxy said...

bought this, but haven't worn it yet! and still on a rampage to find all things with strong shoulder pads.
i loveeeeeeeeeeee your blog, hun! super posts! x