Go Burfitt!

Burfitt has become one of my fave go-to brands out there for casual everyday looks since laying my eyes upon their candy-coated spring 08 lookbook (one of my fave lookbooks ever). I was stoked to score this Burfitt bag last year at the insanity that was the Opening Ceremony sample sale, and I'm eager to add more of their pieces to my wardrobe. Maybe late on this, but I just discovered that Burfitt now has their own online store with very well-styled shots and a sale section, so it's only a matter of time before I'm rocking more of their gear.


dreamecho said...

so excited about the online store! i especially love burfitt's deconstructed pieces, that, "hello, i left my fly open intentionally -- not!" thing she does.

Amanda said...

YES those are my fave bottoms of hers...been debating on getting one of the skirts/pants for ages

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

One of my favorites. I picked up one of her skirts at the same OC sample sale you're talking about!


sharon said...

i love burfitt.. the lookbooks are always fantastic

yui said...

i loved that lookbook so much...i dont have image capture to save flash so i remember i was searching so hard online for stills last year! so thank you for posting the images, i saved them all just now

Dynamite socks said...

LOVE that denim jacket!, looks so nice and the baggy tee's :)