Mademoiselle Yulia

I found out about Mademoiselle Yulia after seeing loads of pics of her on Japanese streetstyle sites. She's obviously a popular subject to photograph with her bright purple or blue hair and eclectic style. It's clear she's a devoted fan of out-there labels like Jeremy Scott and KTZ, and accessorizes nearly every outfit with her jewelry line Giza. Besides having awesome style, a fashion column in NYLON Japan and a Honeyee blog, Yulia comes through with the dancefloor bangers as a DJ and singer. Hey Trouble & Bass, you want to bring this girl to NYC? Pretty please??

pc: DROP, Fashionsnap, google images, myspace


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Her style is amazing. Also, thanks for coming out on Sunday, I didn't get a chance to say hello, but I'm glad you made it!


A La Mode said...

Wow she's amazing, I'm in love!
Her jewelery line is really cute too, I want that triangle bracelet!

Sarah A. said...

what a pleasant girl to look at!

and again, thanks so much for being there on sunday!

KATLIN said...

i think i first heard about her on honeyee or hybebeast's blog... all i remembered her for was her fkn giza line! i'm mildly obsessed with egypt... i even have an ugly tattoo of a pyramid. not my finest moment getting it, haha.

KAELA said...

Mannn... she's like a manga character! Looks great.


Fashion Hayley said...

Ha, she is my friend, she even dj'd at my wedding back in 2007 in Tokyo!

m.corbett said...

oh my god i wanna be her x x
she's in my last post aobut RID SNAP. her style is to die for xx