I have been waiting years for my friend Lauren Jones to launch her own clothing line, and that day has finally come! (Um, yes Lauren i remember your amazing leggings!) Using only organic or surplus fabrics, her designs are simple, yet sexy and eco friendly. She also makes her own jewelry and knitwear- a true fashion Jane of all trades! Here is my brief interview with Mrs. Jones:

Is Mental: I see that you just launched on Etsy, where else can we find your pieces?
Lauren Jones: So far, Etsy is the only place I am selling online. I have owned my website for the past 2 years and fully intend to sell stuff on there and keep an archive, but I got distracted by Etsy. Because it is awesome. In real life, I sell at Edge of Urge in Wilmington, NC (note: She has other stores in the works, we will keep you posted).

IM: Inspiration for your designs? They all seem so comfortable, yet sexy...great for everyday)
LJ: My inspiration comes from everywhere! I am really inspired by concepts and ideas because they allow for more personal interpretation than literal inspiration. I love for things to be smart, clean, and well designed. This applies to construction, color and fabric choice. I like eliminating seams and unnecessary branding, and I only work with organic or surplus fabrics. I want whomever buys my clothes to wear them forever, not just for one season. I design them to be versatile and enhance (and be enhanced by) the person who wears it.

IM: Anything else in the works? Outerwear? More knits? etc?
LJ: I only recently began wearing dresses and I am really into designing them right now, so I am willing to bet that you will see more of those from me. Also, I got a knitting machine several months ago and I am figuring out new things on it almost everyday. It is an incredible machine! I recently quit my job as a knitwear designer for Urban Outfitters, so my head is still in that game as well. Also, I have gotten a lot of requests to do some menswear items. I have sold my things at a few Markets and I get such an overwhelming interest from boys. They come over to the booth and look at stuff, then bring their girlfriends back with them!

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