Naked ladies

I am expecting to get lots of google hits from the title of this post but no porn here guys, just weird clothes!! Can you just picture people's eyeballs popping out of their faces and moms covering their children's eyes when someone walks by in this?! I have been thinking about the picasso-esque print since I first saw it in Bernhard Willhelm's spring show because it is just so amazing...especially the guy's reaction upon seeing a human train.

While I'm on the topic of naked people, I think these vermeil upside-down woman earrings from Arielle de Pinto are pretty rad as well. The fact that they look like some possessed ancient relic makes them even better.

dress and earrings available at Creatures of Comfort


me melodia said...

I'd wear that dress in a heart beat.

I grew up in one of those naked houses filled with naked lady art.

t. said...

was thinking of getting that dress!

Cox said...

wow love this dress! its hillarious