Children of Vision

Children of Vision is a rad NZ boutique I came across earlier this summer whilst searching for TV stockists. I've been visiting their blog since in anticipation of their online store going live. Well it's here! Call me crazy, but I'm excited. They carry quite a nice assortment of hard-to-find designers from New Zealand and beyond like Trust Fun, Romance Was Born, Postweiler Hauber, Deadly Ponies, Jimmy D, Andrea Crews and a ton more. Here's a couple of my picks in the store right now, but seeing as it just launched, there should be a lot more updates in the coming weeks.

from top: Postweiler Hauber sweater, Trust Fun scarf, Kitsune candle, Deadly Ponies clutch, Andrea Crews hoodie, Jimmy D singlet

Weekday AW09

Sweden's Weekday store (which I've been obsessing over since going there last year) just put up their Autumn lookbooks and I more than ever am angry they don't have an e-commerce site! The styling is great, as always, this time with the help of vintage accessories from their in-house collection. There's even a long sheer button up top (pictured first), which would fulfill my wish for one after seeing this shot from a Japanese streetstyle site. You can view the full Womenswear AW09 lookbook here.

The land of make believe

Flickr is a goldmine of talent and discoveries, keeping my tumblr happy and my mind churning with ideas. I recently came across images presumably from a young Taiwanese designer, but I could find few clues other than that. Florals and light color palettes aren't usually my thing, but the detail and styling of these looks is just stunning. I love when pretty looks tough and edgy. The platform oxfords covered in studded lily pad ponds are amazing- anyone know where to find colored spikes like these?

via 临骘岊 and fan+

Sparkles in the eyes

Yesterday I found myself in LES, making the rounds to shops I rarely get to visit since I work in another part of town and live across the river. Assembly on Ludlow St. is a shop I've been meaning to see since it opened last year. A lot of "oohing" and "ahhhing" ensued as I made my way through their racks, but ESPECIALLY when I came to all the stunning pieces by Risto. Based in Paris, Risto Bimbiloski works by day as head mens knitwear designer at Louis Vuitton, but with offices and accounts in NY, we'll definitely be seeing more of him. He'll be showing his spring collection at NY Fashion Week on September 12, and I can't wait to see what he's got in store. You can read a recent interview with Risto over at Dazed Digital.

This silk eagle eye print bomber jacket was my absolute favorite, but unfortunately not in my budget at the moment. Here's hoping he'll have a sample sale at the end of the season!

Prints taken from the hubble telescope looked amazing on silk parkas and shorts.

It just goes to show you

If the sky could've talked today, it would have said "blaahhhh", so it was a perfect situation to go see The September Issue (loved it!). I just scooped up these mesh insert jeans from Bebe which I noticed on their site when I spotted these transformer jeans (which turned out to be horrid in person) and so went into their store (for the first time in ages) to check them out. It was hard to focus on their potential in the fitting room with eurotrance blaring, but I put them on when I got home and was glad I took the plunge. The mesh is actually very thick and doubled up, and has stretch in it so it's very comfortable.

shirt, Boy London from ebay; jeans, Bebe, wedge boots, Wanted; necklace, UO/diyed

*** ******

A random browse on ebay led me to Six London's ebay store. Six is a showroom that manages such footwear labels as bStore, Opening Ceremony, S***R (Swear), and Surface2Air. Their ebay store has an assortment of samples and deadstock from some of these brands, so I plan on checking in on it regularly. I found these Swear's that I have never seen before, probably a few seasons old. I love the mix of translucent vinyl material with canvas. Unfortunately these aren't in my size, but if you are a EU 37/US 6, there's lots more where these came from!

True Talent

It's been almost a whole year since we introduced you to the wonderful Claudia Becker (crazy how times flies!). We have gotten little tid bits here and there of her various projects over the last 12 months, and she just sent me another update. Always innovative with her materials and designs, she never fails to blow my mind. Currently doing her apprenticeship at Pelican Avenue in Antwerp (yeah I know- SO RAD!), she has been working hard preparing installations for Paris and London fashion weeks. I can't wait till she is done with her degree and comes Stateside!!! Here are a few photos of what she has been up to recently.

New Years Kiss Collection: Using latex to create a second "skin" look- so sexy and romantic! Photo by Christian Fladung

New images from her Earth Intruder collection- out of this world! Photos by Sandra Duerkopp

Another great use of materials- her Kindly Knitted collection. Photos By Claudia Becker

Simple pleasures

Elle is on a roll so far with their "Wardrobe Chic" series, where they give us a look into the wardrobes of handpicked NYC designers. First was Sophomore's Chrissie Miller, and their second installment is with Sophie and Lisa of Vena Cava! I'm a big Vena Cava fan, and I read their witty, inspiring blog regularly, so it was a treat to see what these ladies like to wear. I particularly relate to Lisa Mayock's style and would love to raid this girl's closet- super awesome taste in decorating too if you look behind her.


I recently posted some shots from Karen Walker's fall line, She's Cracked. I love the concept and am considering picking up a top or dress from the collection. I walked by Jumelle in Williamsburg the other day and saw one of the broken pearl tees in the window and just stared at it and this broken glass tee at Creatures of Comfort is so rad with the long cut in the's like a butt flap! 


Looking for something to do Friday night? Well Oak is hosting another party, this time at new Greenpoint watering hole, Blackout, for the launch of Oakazine #3. Since this place is right down the road from me, I'll probably be popping by so see you there!

I'm trippen out

Now on to SHOES. Trippen is a German shoe company that crafts their footwear in a small factory on the outskirts of Berlin and chooses not to advertise (probably why I've never heard of them until recently). These fall more on the practical end of the spectrum, in that you likely won't fall down your front steps (hopefully) the first time you put these on.

The shoes, designed by Michael Oehler & Angelika Spieth, are made from naturally tanned leather. I think I flipped through every pair on the site (and there's a lot), because they are all so interesting to look at. If black is not your thing, they offer a selection of other colored leather your pair can be made in, like wine, pink, and gray. Trippen shoes, understandably, are very popular in Japan, where there are several outposts, but you can find them at a lot of other retailers as well (see their site). I found a Canadian shop that has some on sale and Joan Shepp in Philly carries the brand.

The September Issue

Fashion maker and breaker Anna Wintour's movie opens tomorrow in NY, and September 11th nationwide. Are you going to see it?

Eat it

I met my friend in the park tonight to give her a belated birthday gift. I took advantage of the opportunity for an impromptu nighttime shoot as most of my "style" shots are in my cluttered apartment. This marks the debut of my G.V.G.V. for Uniqlo dress (worn as a top) I recently picked up. I was lucky to stumble upon it and a few other pieces by Japanese designers last week as Uniqlo did no press for this particular collab. Sneaky sneaky!!

dress, G.V.G.V. for Uniqlo; shorts, ebay; boots, Wanted; phonecord necklaces, DIY

Here's Jess trying out her new Homer slippers I gifted her tonight. We then proceeded to awkwardly climb Williamsburg's "Vagina Tree".

A taste of the future

After reading on Racked the other day that the US Topshop would be getting their own EDIT pop-up shop, I haven't been able to get over my excitement. I know what you're thinking...pop-up, schmop-up, but it includes KTZ, which is great news to MY ears at least. Their "Future Ghost Tribal" fall collection is next level, and the denim is no exception. I rarely buy jeans anymore as I have amassed quite enough already, but do you see these things!? Raised swirly and geometric shapes that look like fresh tattoos, except made of denim.

Then Susie has to post this pic of her trying out one of the pieces at a Topshop blogger press event, and I'm REALLY excited now. The shop will also include Nakkna from Sweden and White Trumpet who I'm both stoked about as well, and is set to drop September 13.

Hairy situation

The sight of any kind of hair used as an accessory or garment freaks a lot of people out, but it is something I have been attracted to for awhile and that sees no signs of letting up. These goat hair ankle booties from Nicholas Kirkwood just went up at Seven, and I'm pretty into them. I don't have $1,100 just laying around but in my fantasy wardrobe, I would not think twice.

Come to me

It's been awhile since I've bought a copy of Russh, but that's because it's gotten so damn hard to track down in New York (I think newsstands stopped carrying it because of increased import costs). I really want to try and find the September issue though, especially after seeing this editorial featuring Ali Stephens- love the white-on-white styling and bright lips. According to the contents, there's also a feature on Cass Bird (one of my fave photographers + shoots the Sophomore lookbooks) and an editorial about apocalyptic androgyny which I need to see!

pc: Russh + TFS

Human hooves

The day has come. In case you haven't obsessively been checking, the Ashsish for Topshop wedges are now available! Inspired by depression era carnivals, the collection marks Ashish Gupta's footwear debut at Topshop. I'd suggest making your decision quickly if you are contemplating these, as they are already almost sold out. 

Pagan Poetry

If you guys haven't seen the covers yet of the 96-page supplement to V Magazine (on newsstands Sept. 1) featuring the girls of Women and Supreme, go have a look. I think they came out really well and Paul Rowland did a stellar job of conveying 21st-century beauty, finding inspiration in paganism, vampires, and witches, among other marvels. Here's a video from the shoot showing the models at work- really interesting to see how they get into character.

Big time

I'm looking forward to drowning in fabric this winter. Who needs a Snuggie when you have one of these jumbo-sized jumpers with overt symbolism? I really, REALLY want the Bernhard Willhelm smiley sweater- it would make the family proud.

top, Bernhard Willhelm from ebay; bottom, Daniel Palillo from Fatal


No, I will not apologize for liking these. I realize they are trainers that want to be boots so badly they acquired a nice-sized heel to make a point. They are so wrong but so right (late 90s anyone?), and seem more practical than a lot of the other boot hybrids out there. I might have to go sniff these out at Topshop one of these days- they come in gray too by the way.

Mix to match

Woah, been a minute since I stopped by Dropsnap, and I used to quite regularly. I found this adorable girl on there today who is doing a stellar job of mixing prints without hurting the eyes. Also, the much-debated socks with sandals works awesome on her, especially because they are the same color as the shoes. I want her hat and bag too! I need to just live in Japan..

Sophomore Sample Sale

Woohoo!!!! Don't miss out on this one. The early bird gets the worm...

This THURS AUG 27th-SUN AUG 30th

CIRCA NOW 238 E. 6th St.
(Btwn 2nd Ave & Bowery) NY, NY 10003

Men's & Women's Spring 09 Collection & More: Twists Tanks $30, Cut Out Dresses $80, Belted Dresses $80, Double Zipper Skirts $50, Zipper Dresses $40, Henleys $35, Graphic Tees $20, Motorcycle Sweatshirts $30, Pullovers $40

Zip me up

Jewelry designer Laura Willis uses vintage zippers to create amazing pieces that are both sustainable and unique. I love the way she manipulates a common notion into handmade, one of a kind works of art. At first glance, I didn't even recognize that they were zippers-the necklace looks like sculptural little sea creatures! High end DIY at it's best!