Body sculpture

Any designer whos aesthetic even remotely reminds me of Margiela gets my attention. Design duo Vilsbøl de Arce out of Denmark undeniably live in the world of avant-garde fashion, favoring an often dark palette to highlight dramatic silhouettes and bodysuits with huge padded shoulders (seen recently at Apartment in Berlin). The bodysuits from their fall line bear a striking resemblance to Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, except they've grown up, moved far away from Rainbow Land, shed their color-coordinated outfits, and opted for black instead! To be fair, there were colored versions of these too for their spring range, but I like the black better (and it fits better with my Rainbow-Brite-all-grown-up metaphor).

The rest of their fall line was amazing too- I'm not going all Gaga on you! Also stunning are the huge pockets, meticulous draping and weaving, and cut-outs created from sharp angles that somehow still look very organic.

Vilsbøl de Arce showed their Spring 2010 collection last week in Copenhagen, and once again included some fun bodysuits. I need to get my hands on some of those slit shorts or pants- I would have liked to have seen the nude pair on a darker skinned model though. Without the contrast, you lose the detail. Tons more great shoulder shapes remind me I need to look into those portable foam pads I mentioned awhile ago.


Ilse said...

oh god. that first piece.
me wanna me wanna me wanna!
you have a lovely blog btw. :>

LuxiRare said...

This work is very reminiscent of Margiela. I quite like it.

noirohio vintage said...

i love this!! those shoulders!!
that first girl models for a rad denmark vintage site called Time's Up :

Amanda said...

oh yeah i know of time's up! guess i don't check it enough or i'd have recognized that model too..

Isabel said...

oh wow sorry for copying!
I saw this on dazed