Flames fell into orbit

I've nerded out on this blog before about Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes, so I'm super happy I got to see her perform last night. Seeing Natasha sing live was amazing and it sent chills down my spine when she hit certain notes, not to mention she is backed by a super talented band who plays every instrument in the book. Natasha's energy was contagious and she wore this amazing satin jumpsuit with a shawl that had long fur attached to it (I couldn't stop taking about it during and after the show). Here's a few photos I took with my crappy camera, but they actually came out kind of cool in all their primary color glory.


Lucy in the Sky said...

omgosh I saw her wear that fur trim on TV a night or two ago!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

So jealous that you got to see this!