August 26, 2009

Hairy situation

The sight of any kind of hair used as an accessory or garment freaks a lot of people out, but it is something I have been attracted to for awhile and that sees no signs of letting up. These goat hair ankle booties from Nicholas Kirkwood just went up at Seven, and I'm pretty into them. I don't have $1,100 just laying around but in my fantasy wardrobe, I would not think twice.


Brainz said...

duuuuuude let's make our OWN Bernhart Wilhelm sweaters ya? iz eeazy. when i'm back in nyc for goot come over to my house n let's play. glad to be back in the noosphere, this time with more caution and more R E A L L I F E I N T E R A C T I O N

Amanda said...

hmmmm (strokes chin)- my mind is wandering already about how we could do that. step 1: find somewhere that carries XXXXL black sweatshirts as a starting point!

A La Mode said...

I love these!