Hop to it

I can bookmark stuff all day and tag it with "wish list", but here's a realistic shopping list I hope to check off in its entirety that would make a nice fall outfit. The alice + olivia for Payless biker boots I gave a heads up about are now available, and I've always wanted some dope flip shades! It all looks and sounds ($$) good to me.

"Inventor" flip glasses, $10 @ 80's Purple; Batwing rabbit print top, $98 @ French Connection; Just FM ruched leggings, $78 @ Pixie Market; Alice + olivia biker boot, $49.99 @ Payless


KATLIN said...

inventor flip glasses for $10??? so awesome!

Connie said...

Sigh. I just bought the flip shades and they're like doll glasses. The rims sit really close to one another and make me look crosseyed. Bah.

Annabelle said...

wow, i want those wedges, and for so cheap!


Amanda said...

i have a small face so the glasses might work..fingers crossed! if not, they go back.

Samantha Smikle said...

Alice & Olivia went off for this fall! i saw a couple pairs in the last issue of Nylon that I wanna get!
p.s. you can use my discount at French when you're ready for that top! :)