August 26, 2009

Human hooves

The day has come. In case you haven't obsessively been checking, the Ashsish for Topshop wedges are now available! Inspired by depression era carnivals, the collection marks Ashish Gupta's footwear debut at Topshop. I'd suggest making your decision quickly if you are contemplating these, as they are already almost sold out. 


noura. said...

They're sold out in England.

Krystal said...

if it makes you feel any better, they are savagely uncomfortable (i dont own them)--hot as hell though!

Amanda said...

i love to look at them, but i made the choice not to get them today. i had a feeling they might be uncomfortable/unpractical and there are other shoes around that pricepoint i'm contemplating anyway that i'd get more use out of.

Poster Girl said...

I had to have a pair, and snagged the zebra print as soon as they went online. They're definitely not for the shy. I'm still waiting for them to arrive, and can't wait to see how they fit and feel.