It just goes to show you

If the sky could've talked today, it would have said "blaahhhh", so it was a perfect situation to go see The September Issue (loved it!). I just scooped up these mesh insert jeans from Bebe which I noticed on their site when I spotted these transformer jeans (which turned out to be horrid in person) and so went into their store (for the first time in ages) to check them out. It was hard to focus on their potential in the fitting room with eurotrance blaring, but I put them on when I got home and was glad I took the plunge. The mesh is actually very thick and doubled up, and has stretch in it so it's very comfortable.

shirt, Boy London from ebay; jeans, Bebe, wedge boots, Wanted; necklace, UO/diyed


A La Mode said...

Wow those jeans are amazing!

Maria said...

They look fantastic. I'm also glad you took the plunge.

Maria x

laia. said...

dude. im impressed, theyre rad on you for sure.

Lauren said...

Bebe is surprising sometimes!! Love the blog by the way, stumbled on it via Bleach Black.

X Lauren