Look what I found

You might notice things have gotten a little wider around here. No, not me! I just widened the blog a tad so I don't have to squish images as much. That's all.

Saturday, a few friends and I hopped in my ride and slowly made it out to some random part of Long Island in an attempt to "escape the city" for the day. We were successful at getting away from the city, but didn't make it very far as the traffic was a nightmare (was everyone and their mom going to the beach??). I'd say we all made out pretty well though after combing through a few smelly thrift stores.

I surprisingly only made one purchase, a black batwing cardigan cape for $8, and everyone agreed it was meant for me. It has these boxy shoulder pads I'm debating on replacing with smaller ones or taking out. I'm wearing it here with this awesome Potipoti shirt dress I finally went for, after first seeing it in April.

dress, Potipoti; necklace, UO/diy; boots, ebay; cape, thrifted

I'm not about to discuss religion, but I like the cross as a symbol and recently acquired this little ring from etsy (my favorite sweatshirt is probably this Actual Pain one I got last fall).


yui said...

lookin hot!

vivian said...

love your steez as usual xx
quite like the big shoulder pads myself!

swallow glitter said...

so jealous of your cape! what a great find. looks fantastic with that dress too.

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Ahhh your rings are amazing.

And so is your nailposlish...


misha said...

that cape is to DIE FOR! don't remove the shoulder pads, they make that cape 200% better then any other I've seen