Mix to match

Woah, been a minute since I stopped by Dropsnap, and I used to quite regularly. I found this adorable girl on there today who is doing a stellar job of mixing prints without hurting the eyes. Also, the much-debated socks with sandals works awesome on her, especially because they are the same color as the shoes. I want her hat and bag too! I need to just live in Japan..


t. said...

that miss is always on point!

yui said...

come visit japan amanda!!!

i did a search for "sneaker boots" just the other day on auction haha but to no avail... those topshop ones look really good. but topshop... ahhhh dilemma

Amanda said...

i will make it to japan one of these days..my boyfriend gets to go to tokyo in a few weeks for bike-related stuff. SO jealous!