And now into the rarely-explored jungle of menswear, except I'm looking at this for me, not for any dudes I know. In fact, I can say without a doubt that I do not wish to see any of the below on my man, as it is the farthest thing from his style, but I love the collection regardless. Romain Kremer is a 27-year old menswear designer from Paris who takes huge risks, and is one of the most creative designers for mens fashion out there right now. His SS10 collection is actually somewhat tame compared to the last few, although the crop top on a man chest almost made me bite my tongue. Using my imagination a bit, I can see all of these garments translated differently on a woman, the jacket with the giant gaping hole particularly begging to be layered. High necks pulled up over the face is a trick I'm very familiar with living in the Northeast, so it's refreshing to see a garment actually INTENDED to do this.

I actually experimented with white mascara as a teenager, and am now wanting to wear it again after seeing how well it looks against light blue eyes.

Elizabeth, who works at the one and only Seven, gave us a peek at their new shipment of Romain Kremer and I'm digging the tribal warrior of the 21st century vibe going on, especially with the deconstructed harness tee.

pc: London Tokyo Style, Filep Motwary


Elisa said...

girl girl, I adore your blog. Your collections of images are right on.


yui said...

i bought this weird lacey bondage-y romain kremer piece once but it was soo freaking hard to pull off! unisex is one thing but menswear can be hard to work with partly cuz of the sizing and also cuz sometimes the fun irony of it is lost when a girl wears it...but yeah rk is fantastic anyway!

Amanda said...

i agree, but i think depending on the cut, you could make it work for a woman. but yeah, it all depends on the garment. i picture some of the ones Seven will have in stock might look good on a chick!