A taste of the future

After reading on Racked the other day that the US Topshop would be getting their own EDIT pop-up shop, I haven't been able to get over my excitement. I know what you're thinking...pop-up, schmop-up, but it includes KTZ, which is great news to MY ears at least. Their "Future Ghost Tribal" fall collection is next level, and the denim is no exception. I rarely buy jeans anymore as I have amassed quite enough already, but do you see these things!? Raised swirly and geometric shapes that look like fresh tattoos, except made of denim.

Then Susie has to post this pic of her trying out one of the pieces at a Topshop blogger press event, and I'm REALLY excited now. The shop will also include Nakkna from Sweden and White Trumpet who I'm both stoked about as well, and is set to drop September 13.


yui said...

i feel like ive been waiting for ktz's fall line for aages....cant wait to try their stuff on

Noa said...

Love the dress that Susie is wearing!

looks great on her

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