September 15, 2009

All the young dudes

So on Saturday, after checking out Katie Gallagher's presentation at Tribeca Grand along with a few other friends, we started to head home, when our plans changed for the better. One of my friends realized she couldn't make it to the Alexander Wang show due to last-minute work commitments, so we grabbed the invites from her (after many thank yous) and headed up to Pier 94. Kate Lanphear, DVF, Anna Wintour, Terry Richardson, Kim Gordon, and Lykke Li were just a few of the familiar faces I saw on the bleachers. I was pretty stoked, nonetheless, and when the drum beats started (Alex used a stellar mix from Major Lazer), my heartbeat sped up with the music.

There's Kate with her hot-ass haircut.

After the show, I channeled my inner Jak & Jil to document some of the scene.

I love all the blue!

Amazing eyelash print....

Killer shoes

Hanne was rocking the Wang creepers and was very kind to let me take her picture.

Where can I get this umbrella!!?

Last but not least, ERIN.


leila wylie said...

I used to have that haircut and people would tell me that I looked like a villain in Captain Planet.

Amanda said...

a HOT villain people won't f*ck with!

Annabelle (408) said...

how do you get there so easy! LFW is so hard to get in on! x

babyxswts5 said...

Love the red jacket in the last picture. Thanks for sharing!

yoshi said...

i loooove kate's do - gah!

Rackk and Ruin said...

amazing. . . so jealous!! just credited you for the photo, thanks! xx

Samantha Smikle said...

i love love love erin in this shot! good job on the photos!