Meet me at the corner

As if Yoox wasn't already a fashion black hole where time stands still, now they've launched The Corner, a "cutting-edge selection for fashion connoisseurs." I'LL SAY. I've known about the shop for awhile, but only now have the women's collections been added. Designers like Ann Demeulemeester, Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan, and Kris Van Assche get their own "corner" of virtual space in this highly-curated online shop. The selections are edgy, innovative, and architectural, so I had no problem finding several picks I'd love to own. I DIE for everything below, but especially the Margiela tabi ankle boots (he keeps making version after version of these, further driving me crazy for them).

From top left: Ann D, Hussein Chalayan, Hussein Chalayan, Diego Dolcini, Kris Van Assche, Margiela, Leny Icons, Marséll, Margiela, Margiela


dreamecho said...

i'm with you on the margiela tabi boots. the feeling i get when looking at's like, that's all there is in the world and that's all i need to know.

t. said...

can't go wrong with yoox! bought that chalayan tote yeaaaaaaaaaars agoooo from yoox when deals are DEALS! yadda yadda.... too much shopping makes my head spin. thanks again for the tips!


Amanda said...

i can see you with that tote! love it. agree on the head spinning. i'm mainly just looking at the moment!