Cherry on top

If I ever make it over to Paris, I am scared for myself to go into Colette. They carry so much cool stuff, further fueling our human desire to consume. Plus they keep the competition stiff by being the exclusive stockist for a lot of labels and collaborations. I was checking out some of their accessories, and it's brimming with radness. A few choice picks that barely hit the tip of the iceberg:

I really dig these Bless sunnies inspired by 3D glasses, yes!

I've been researching Comme des Garcons wallets for a minute now, and this is definitely a contender.

I don't think I've worn earmuffs since I was a kid, but I'd trade out my black beanie for these ones by Tom Scott. feel me? I would find a way to wear this Luella scarf unfolded (pinned to a top?) cause it's such a rad print.

When it's 12 ºF outside with a nasty windchill, I think it's appropriate to be a walking cocoon. This Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons nylon neck would do the trick.

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M E L I $ $ A said...

get a commes des garçons wallet! i have a houndstooth one and i love it very very much.