The Final Chapter

I just couldn't wait to make my picks could I? Well Phi and Threeasfour had their turns yesterday, closing Fashion Week in New York with a BANG. Both of these collections rock, partially because they are mainly black and white, my WEAKNESS, but also because I enjoy looking like I stepped out of the "future," whatever that means.

First up, Phi. A lot of what was shown feels more fall to me, maybe because it's what I want to wear right this very moment. Phi convinced me that a "military" influence can look cool again, especially when it's not playing up the obvious Tank Girl look, but more of an urban chic (I hate both of those words btw). The boots look KILLER from what I can see and those sheer long tops with built-in bandeau section are a must.

If you told me you were going to put corset detailing, cut-outs, and a zipper all in one dress, I'd be skeptical of the outcome but this is one amazing piece of work.

I like the boyish tailoring here and that beaded top is beautiful in every way possible.

Threeasfour is one show I would have loved to been at to see Yoko Ono (who contributed drawings to the collection) and the recreation of her famous art performance Cut Piece (explains why the first model is carrying scissors which definitely looks a little creepy). My fave pieces were the leggings, using the group's signature curvilinear construction, which made for some amazing legwear.

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Sarah A. said...

wow to that long black dress and the combat heels! those are maybe the best ive seen and heaven knows EVERYONE is doing the combat heel.