Good blood

Like the "Pepsi or Coke" experiment, you might have trouble at first telling Limi Feu's designs apart from her father's, unless you indulge in Yamamoto like oxygen. Her Spring collection was just that good, and spoke volumes, quite literally, about Japanese fashion today. Limi explored androgyny as the core of her collection, further spelled out by a few male models wearing the womenswear in the show (even an older man with a dog). I found my favorite pieces to be those that really reworked the idea of menswear into loose collared vests, a kimona-like button oxford shirt, and endless varieties of black trousers. The show finished off with several voluminous dresses, including the only red piece in the show which made for the perfect exclamation point to a beautiful, wearable collection.



t. said...

haha you and mel posted these... very nice :)

me melodia said...

i want all of these looks.

You've become my fashion eyeballs.

fawn lust said...

Yeah! I loved this collection. It looks like stuff I'd really want to wear... and the lace-up boots are pretty great.