The graphically aware

Two of the most eye-popping collections at London this season came from Basso & Brooke and Josh Goot. The labels aren't strangers to color-blocking and digital prints, but still managed to mix things up and show some hot things for next season. As a graphic designer, I can really appreciate the thought processes and bold use of color that went into every piece.

Basso & Brooke (below) looked to pop art legend Jeff Koons and the black and white world of Herb Ritts for inspiration. You can really see they pushed their concept to great lengths and kept silhouettes fairly simple so the prints could do the talking. That first dress kills it!

Josh Goot's Aussie roots really shown through for spring with loose, casual separates and prints that remind you of surfboards and swimsuits. I could really go for some of those 2-color trousers and the bitmap long-sleeved shirt...and that tank is THE BOMB! Did I really just say that?

pc: NY Mag


Giselle said...

Gah, that first dress is insane! Of course, in a crazy good way : P

-Giselle <3<3<3

kpeach said...

they're really amazing and artistic

g said...


dd said...

YES to all of it!!! i feel like all i ever wear is black anymore! so good!