September 22, 2009

The new girl in town

This was hands down my favorite shot from Tavi's feature in POP. The Ashish jumper looks like it was made for her...paired with that blonde wig and the "this isn't happening" pose and it's golden. I contemplated all sorts of clown garb staring at a bag of pom poms last night in the dollar due time.

pc: TFS


josephine said...

I agree! this shot is so perfect. definitely "worth a thousand words" so to speak

the Rynham said...

very rad. love the serious look vs. the silliness of sweater.
love your blog

aniko said...

ohh, i can't believe it's Tavi! i could hardly recognize her... You're right, it's amazing and timeless...

amythewolf said...

holy shiiiit you rule!!!!!!!!!

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