Turning japanese

My boyfriend is in Tokyo and I couldn't be more jealous. I thought about compiling a wish list to give him, but I don't have an endless bank account to back that up. No need to ramble on about how much streetstyle over there inspires me, because I've already crossed that bridge and back on here. A couple things I'm seeing- tons of short asymmetric bobs, zany socks/tights, and interesting layering.

pc: style-arena

Man those kids have some cool footwear at their reach (*sheds tear). This doesn't even hit the tip of the iceberg.

Rope sneakers, Monomania; rubber sole shoes, Double Decker; mesh insert boots, Candy

I love the bright socks with open-toed shoes look (finally seeing this on runways!) and have for awhile. Swedish label Happy Socks makes some great options for experimenting and I will definitely be picking up some now that they are carried in my neighborhood at Alter.


Catherine Blair Pfander said...

the Monomia sneakers are killer. Like if the pillsbury doughboy needed sick kicks.


Lauren said...

I agree, they have the most kick ass shoes in Japan. When I visited, I was reallyyyyy excited and planned to buy a pair (or 5). Until I figured out that they cater to a smaller footed client and almost never carry them or even MAKE them in sizes anywhere near as large as mine (which is an 11. ugh, I have man feet.)

X Lauren

yui said...

its kind of annoying how the sneakers are such a blatant willhelm knockoff tho no?

yui said...

but the haircuts are hot!

Kylie said...

Ahh, I used to visit style arena almost every day but I haven't been in months! Quite the round-up you've picked out here, it's all too good.
I knew those 2nd pair of shoes look familiar... i love double decker! I've got some lovelies from there, and I might need to go hunting for some more ;D


ps- ropes for shoelaces? Why the heck didn't I think of that?!?>

belle in arms said...

I love all the craziness that is Tokyo.

Jowy said...

AWESOME, I have to go to japan soon, its seems amazing, the fashion is MAD and i love that.

One Love,

Amanda said...

yui- i was thinking that too. i saw a girl with brown fuzzy willhelm ones w/ big rope laces years ago

Ashley said...

Those rope sneakers are beyond.


kpeach said...

I was reading about trend forecasters and basically their job is to go to Japan and report back bc everything will be in the US in 2-3 years, it's so crazy.

miss b said...

your monomania link doesn't work - pls where can I find out more

Amanda said...

miss b- oops! link is fixed now- it's a japanese e-commerce shop so not sure if they ship abroad