When the cat is away, the mice will play

I'm more of a dog person than a cat person, but I still think cats are cute and fun to watch. Bernhard Willhelm's cat dress from last season was a fave of mine, although I never got my hands on it. Browsing Zero + Maria Cornejo's Fall 09 arrivals in her online store, I came across several tops and dresses done in a custom feline design from an original photo by Cornejo. The dark, fuzzy print makes the pieces very wearable and I love them all!


Brainz said...

o h mountain is goooooood. and those damn Bless sheets! hot diggity, it's absolute perfection...I have looked into getting my stuff printed on silk and that shit is 100 bux a yard with a setup fee for every damn color you use...it's basically hell. I'm actually impressed that you got that pilottiesque dress with nebulas for free, that must have cost her a fortune...you know which one i mean?

I am back in town tonight FINALLY. Let the loveliness of friendship and amazing fuckin shit wash all over it. universe I am R E A D Y. ps: your blog is always so good. seriously.


they have the cat dress in grey with sequin eyes at mac in sf right now and i want it sooooooo bad! i have tried it on twice!