Age of innocence

My eyes just popped out of my head- Miuccia Prada, you made my day! Miu Miu helped close out fashion month on a note of innocence and youth with an amazing collection filled with cat, dog, and bird prints. But the eye-popping moment for me was the lounging nude lady print. I mean WOW! I'm so into it, especially on the button-up shirt and that huge pin. These pieces are actually wearable because the print isn't really raunchy (like the nude Willhelm frock I obsessed over a few months ago) and I'll take a little bit of quirky any day.



Anonymous said...

good god i'm obsessed with this collection, where to even begin?

Lecon de vetement said...

This collection murdered my soul, much like many of the collections this season. You have beautiful taste by the way!!